Maus by Art Spiegelman

Level of Awesome

At a glance, Maus tells the tale of Vladek Spiegelman’s survival as a Polish Jew during Hitler’s reign of terror. It’s not until you delve deeper that you can really explore the ongoing post-war ramifications on the Spiegelman family as a result of all the horrors experienced by Vladek. Art Spiegelman’s raw and honest portrayal of the complex relationship with his father is masterful and heartbreaking.

No, darling! To die, it’s easy… But you have to struggle for life!Maus, Art Spiegelman
  • The beginning of the second volume of Maus’s continuation from the first volume slightly disconnected and confusing.
  • The minor art style of Art Spiegelman’s comic within Maus was slightly jarring, which I suppose was the point, but didn’t seem to fit the flow of the story.
  • The strong visualisation of cats Vs. mice (with support cast from pigs, frogs, etc) is fantastic, allowing the reader to easily connect with the story.
  • The voice of Vladek Spiegelman seems so authentic at times, especially with the vernacular and speech patterns of a migrant from Europe, that it genuinely feels like I’m listening to recorded tapes of their conversations (and makes me wish that I could have spent time with him).

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